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Each stage of your business poses its unique set of challenges. As a result, we have created different services to create a beautiful and compelling brand, no matter where you are.








You're a brand new business, big with the ideas but tight on the budget. You want someone to help guide you through each layer of our visual branding so you can thoughtfully create a brand identity that feels like you and connect with your perfect audience. You want to DIY it but want to be guided by a pro.

You're an established business running for a while and picking up steam. You've been DIY’ing it for some time now and cringe every time you look at your mismatched patchwork of marketing materials that do not do your brand justice. You're ready for something much more cohesive, beautiful, and professional.

Your business is on a roll, and you're ready for a rebrand or add a sub-brand. However, you want to be thoughtful in approaching this process with everyone who has become critical in the company. You also want to ensure that when you launch your new brand into the world, your team is unified and knows how to use it internally for sales & marketing, and beyond.

What we have for you:

What we have for you:

What we have for you:

Brand Launch For Teams

Brand In A Week

Brand In A Week Hybrid

The best of both worlds. You get all the learning of a program that will educate you about your visual brand identity and help you brainstorm and visualize what you want with the professional polish of everything complete for you in our studio. It's taking your ideas and bringing them to a professional level.

We will guide the key players of your team in a visual discovery process to unify your ideas and get everyone on the same page. We want to ensure that your company's hearts and heads participate in creating a new visual language as the foundation of your new brand. More importantly, we will educate and empower your entire team on the design knowledge necessary to continue to create more designs for your social media, sales & marketing, and communications.

Brand In A Week is a go-at-your-own-pace program that walks you through your brand's fundamental building blocks. It's a design, business, and branding class all rolled into one.

How long will this take:

One week. But you can go at your own pace.

How long will this take:

We encourage you to finish the course within two weeks; then, it will take 2-3 weeks for us to complete the rest.

How long will this take:

This is a 4-6 week process if feedback is given in a timely manner.

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Dan Fang

social & program development

Working with Calvina has been one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had. I do not consider myself a designer, and I have always been baffled by the process of translating a brand's “feel” and the ideas I have in my head into an actual visual language.

Hi, I’m Calvina

Designer, photography, brand strategist

“I can spend a quick hour with someone and see their brand’s hidden potential. It’s already there. I’m just excited to bring it out so they can see it too.”

I spent 15 years in the creative industry working with brands doing design and photography. I’ve created beautiful work for others. I was able to see firsthand how important it is for businesses to understand all the layers of their identity to use it effectively.

With the fast pace of social media, businesses need to create content quickly to keep up. Even with a large budget, having a hand in building your brand identity matters.

I’m very passionate about helping you build that foundation with both knowledge and expertise.

Hang out with me more on:

Cheryl Scofield

Danielle Manalo, MD


sales coach



Calvina’s personal guidance helped me to recognize the elements which weren’t supporting my vision. With my focus sharpened, the hesitancy is fading and I can confidently make decisions which lift my brand into resonance with my ideal clients.

Calvina gave me all the nudges I need to move forward towards developing my brand into something more visually cohesive and beautiful. Her skills in design and aesthetics are shared wholeheartedly and her enthusiasm shines in both her recorded and live content. Thank you for everything you do!

As someone who has found trying to create her own cohesive aesthetic for her brand difficult, I found Brand Spark to be incredible. Calvina broke each part down into manageable sections and spent each day’s live classes giving glorious feedback. If you’re looking for brand help, run, don't walk to this class. I highly recommend it.