Align your elements easily with this feature

Align Your Elements Easily with This Feature Featured Image

Align your elements easily with this feature

If you’re not paying attention to alignment and spacing, you’re creating designs that look cluttered and messy. Alignment spacing is an unspoken necessity in every design. It is the difference between looking like a hack or a pro. Align your elements easily with this feature.

⭐️ Alignment makes sure your eyes go to the right place, makes you feel happy and composed as you’re reading.
⭐️ Spacing keeps things from looking too cluttered, and it’s amazing what adding a little space between things can do. Think airplane seating!
⭐️ “Spaced Evenly” does WONDERS to look organized and cuts chaos.
⭐️ “Tidy Up” just does magic to put everything in the right place and evenly distribute all your objects.

1. Align your first and last element that you want to align.
2. Click the three dots and look for “Position“.
3. On the left side, under the Arrange tab, you can see the “Space Evenly” section. There are 3 options: Vertically, Horizontally, and Tidy Up. In this design, select “Tidy Up“.

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