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How to transform your Docs to Decks using “Convert”

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If you’ve ever wished you could magically transform an outline into a beautifully designed presentation, keep reading and scrolling.

Canva, a user-friendly design platform, equips creators with a range of tools to bring their ideas to life. However, transforming text documents into visually engaging slides for captivating presentations usually requires a design background if you want them to look professional and polished for a great impression. In Canva, these text documents are referred to as ‘Canva Docs ‘.

You’re in luck! Canva’s ‘Convert to Presentation’ feature is here to revolutionize your presentation creation journey. With a single click, it effortlessly converts your Canva Docs into stunning presentations, saving you valuable time and effort. This guide will unveil the power of ‘Convert to Presentation,’ transforming you from a presentation creation novice to a master and empowering you to create captivating presentations efficiently and effectively.


The Presentation Struggle: From Text to Engaging Slides

Creating impactful presentations often begins with crafting informative content in a text document. However, translating that content into visually compelling slides can be a tedious task:

    • Formatting Headaches: Transferring text and formatting from a document to a presentation can be a laborious process, involving manual adjustments to fonts, styles, and spacing.
    • Designing from Scratch: Building presentations from the ground up requires design skills and time investment. This can be particularly daunting for those without extensive design experience.
    • Time-Consuming Workflow: The back-and-forth process of transferring content, formatting, and designing visuals can significantly hinder your presentation creation timeline.

Introducing “Convert”: Your Doc-to-Deck Superhero

Canva’s “Convert to Presentation” feature emerges as a game-changer, streamlining the doc-to-deck transition. Here’s how it empowers you:

    • Seamless Conversion: With a single click, “Convert to Presentation” transforms your existing Canva Doc into a visually appealing presentation. Text, headings, and bullet points automatically convert into well-formatted slide elements, eliminating manual formatting hassles.
    • Preserved Content: “Convert to Presentation” ensures your content remains intact. All the information from your document is meticulously transferred to the presentation, ensure you convey your message accurately and efficiently.
    • Time-Saving Efficiency: ‘Convert to Presentation’ eliminates the need to arrange text and design elements onto slides manually. This translates to significant time savings, relieving you from the stress of tedious formatting and allowing you to focus on refining your content and customizing your presentation.

Unleashing “Convert To Presentation's” Potential: A Step-by-Step Guide

Canva’s intuitive interface makes utilizing “Convert to Presentation” a breeze. Here’s how to unlock its power and transform your Docs into captivating presentations:

Step 1: Preparing for Conversion

    • Locate the Canva Doc you wish to convert into a presentation. Your Docs, which can be anything from a research paper to a business proposal, are readily accessible within your Canva dashboard.
Docs to Decks Convert

Step 2: Initiating the Transformation

    • With your chosen Doc open, locate the toolbar at the top of the workspace.
    • Click on the “Convert to Presentation” button within the toolbar. This initiates the conversion process.
Docs to Decks Brand Template

Step 3: Embracing Your Brand Identity (Optional):

Canva allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand identity into your presentation, sparking your creativity and excitement. Click on the ‘Brand Kit’ tab within the toolbar and select your brand from the options. If you don’t have a pre-existing Brand Kit, you can create one by selecting ‘Create a new Brand Kit’ (here’s a free guide on how to get this set up). This automatically applies your brand colors, fonts, and logos to the converted slides, ensuring brand consistency.

Step 4: Exploring Presentation Style Options

    • If you don’t have a pre-existing Brand Kit, or prefer a different design aesthetic, Canva offers a variety of presentation style suggestions. These suggestions showcase different font combinations, color palettes, and layouts for your consideration.
    • Browse through the available styles and click on the one that best aligns with your design vision.

Step 5: Creating Your Masterpiece (Optional):

“Convert to Presentation” provides a well-structured foundation for your presentation. However, you can further customize it by:

    • Adding Visuals: Enhance your presentation with captivating images, charts, or videos. To do this, click the ‘Elements’ tab in the toolbar and select the visual you want to add. Canva’s vast library of design elements allows you to seamlessly integrate visuals that complement your content.
    • Refining Slide Layouts: Canva offers various slide layout options to structure your information effectively. To change the layout of a slide, click on the ‘Layouts’ tab in the toolbar and select the layout that best suits your content. Experiment with different layouts to find the best fit for your content and design preferences.
Docs to Decks Create Presentation

Step 6: Final Touches

    • Once you’ve personalized your presentation to your liking, click on the “Create my presentation” button located at the bottom of the workspace. This finalizes the conversion and saves your presentation as a new project within Canva.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced "Convert" Techniques

While “Convert” excels at basic doc-to-deck conversion, here are some advanced techniques to elevate your presentations:

    • Utilize the Master Slide: Canva’s “Master Slide” feature allows you to apply design changes like fonts, colors, and background styles to all slides within your presentation simultaneously. This ensures a cohesive and polished look for your entire deck.
    • Leverage Animations and Transitions: Canva offers a variety of animation and transition options to add visual interest and guide your audience through your presentation. Experiment with different options to create a dynamic and engaging presentation experience.
    • Collaborate Seamlessly: Canva allows you to collaborate on presentations with team members in real-time. This fosters teamwork and ensures everyone can contribute to creating a compelling final product.

Effortless Presentations Await

Canva’s “Convert” feature empowers you to transform your Docs into captivating presentations with ease. By leveraging its intuitive functionality, you can:

    • Save Valuable Time: Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually transferring text and designing slides, allowing you to focus on crafting your message and refining your content.
    • Boost Design Confidence: Even without extensive design experience, “Convert” provides a well-structured platform to create visually appealing presentations.
    • Maintain Brand Consistency: Seamlessly integrate your brand identity into your presentations, ensuring a professional and cohesive look.

Take Action: Unleash the Power of "Convert" Today!

Presentations should be engaging and easy to create. With Canva’s “Convert to Presentation” feature, you can effortlessly transform your existing Docs into stunning presentations. So, ditch the formatting headaches and design anxieties. Embrace “Convert to Presentation” and unlock a world of effortless presentation creation. Remember, a well-designed presentation can significantly enhance your message’s impact and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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