Easily look for elements of the same style in Canva

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Having a hard time looking for Canva graphic elements? It’s not easy to get the Canva elements of the same style even though you have the right keywords when searching. 

The next time you create your design, do this instead ⬆️

If you want to get started building your brand kit right way and start making content fast, I’ve made something for you, and it’s free!

1. Select the elements you want to look for a same style. 
2. Go to “Elements” on the left side, and look for “Graphics“. It will now show graphics related to the selected elements.
3. In an element, click “・・・” at the top right corner.
4. Now select “View collection
5. Then it will show the set of collection of that element. If the element you chose doesn’t have the “View Collection“, you can look at “Magic Recommendations” that is also visible when you scroll through the graphics.

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