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How to replace your logos in multiple designs in Canva

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Say Goodbye to Manual Edits - Streamline Your Workflow with Canva's Brand Kit Update

Have you ever dreaded updating your brand logo across countless Canva designs? The thought of manually replacing the logo in each file could send shivers down any designer’s spine. But fear not! Canva has introduced a revolutionary update that simplifies logo changes within your brand kit, saving you precious time and effort.

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Unveiling the Magic: Update Your Brand Kit Logos with Ease

With Canva’s latest update, you can seamlessly update your brand kit logos directly within your design workspace. This eliminates the need to exit your design and navigate back to the brand kit settings, making the process incredibly user-friendly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Effortless Logo Updates

Ready to experience the magic of streamlined logo updates? Here’s a simple 5-step guide to get you started: 

Change Your Logo in Multiple Designs Look for Brand

Step 1: Accessing Your Brand Kit

    • Launch Canva: Begin by opening Canva and accessing your design workspace.
    • Locate “Brand”: On the left-hand side of your Canva homepage, you’ll find the “Brand” section. Click on it to access your brand kit settings.
Change Your Logo in Multiple Designs Look for Your Brand Kit

Step 2: Selecting Your Brand Kit

    • Open Your Kit: Within the “Brand” section, locate the specific brand kit you wish to modify. Click on it to open its detailed settings.
Change Your Logo in Multiple Designs Look for Your Logo and Replace Option

Step 3: Identifying the Logo for Update

    • Navigate to “Logos”: Under the various brand kit elements (colors, fonts, etc.), you’ll find a section labeled “Logos.” All your uploaded logos for that specific brand kit are stored here.
    • Choose Your Logo: Locate the logo you want to update within the “Logos” section.

Step 4: Effortlessly Replacing the Logo

    • Click the Options Menu: Once you’ve identified the logo for the update, click the three dots (…) located beside it. This will reveal a dropdown menu.
    • Select “Replace across designs”: From the dropdown menu, choose “Replace across designs.”
Change Your Logo in Multiple Designs Select All

Step 5: Choosing Your Target Designs

A pop-up dialogue box will appear, allowing you to specify which designs you want the logo update to be applied to. Here’s where you have control over the replacement scope:

    • Select Specific Designs: You can choose individual designs by clicking on their respective thumbnails within the pop-up window.
    • Replace All: To complete a brand update, click the “Select all” option. This will automatically replace the old logo with the updated one in all designs associated with that particular brand kit.

Building a Strong Brand Kit from Scratch

For those new to Canva or brand kit creation, here are some quick tips for building a strong brand kit from scratch:

    • Define Your Brand Identity: Before creating your brand kit, take some time to define your brand identity. Consider your brand’s personality, target audience, and overall visual style. This will guide your decisions when choosing your brand kit’s colors, fonts, and logos.
    • Select the Right Colors: Colors play a significant role in brand recognition. Choose a primary and secondary color palette that reflects your brand personality and complements each other well. Consider using online tools or color palettes to find inspiration.
    • Choose Brand-Specific Fonts: Fonts can also significantly impact your brand image. Select fonts that are consistent with your brand personality and work well together. Choose one or two primary fonts for headlines and body text.
    • Create a Memorable Logo: Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand. Design a simple yet memorable logo that represents your brand essence. Having your logo in multiple formats inside of your Canva Brand Kit makes creating branded materials extremely easy and fast.
    • Maintain Consistency: The key to a successful brand kit is consistency. Ensure all your chosen elements (colors, fonts, and logo) are used consistently across all your Canva designs.

This Free Brand Kit Blueprint will walk you through the process even more thoroughly, step-by- step, and show you some important do’s and don’ts.

Effortless Brand Management with Canva's Brand Kit Update

Canva’s brand kit update is a game-changer for designers and teams looking to effortlessly manage brand consistency. By streamlining logo and brand element updates, this feature saves valuable time and ensures a cohesive visual identity across all your Canva projects. Embrace this update and experience the power of maintaining a strong and recognizable brand presence within your designs.

By mastering these features and utilizing the power of brand kits, you can transform Canva into a one-stop shop for creating stunning and impactful visuals that perfectly represent your brand identity.

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