How to use Canva “Layouts” in boring presentations creation-process

Checkout this new feature I LOVE in Canva! It means you will have perfect designs and layouts every time.

I can’t believe that Canva now has a feature that takes a simple line and tells you exactly how to lay it out in a presentation to make sure it is perfect. This makes my design heart happy because I know that even my students without any design background can now create something that looks amazing.

What makes a good design:
👉 Your eyes go to where it needs to go ASAP
👉 Text is aligned properly
👉 Imagery is put in the right spot.

With all this in check…you’ve got a great design.

1. Add the text and image you want in your design.
2. Go to “Design“.
3. Select “Layouts“, and you’ll have different layout options to choose from.

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