Use “Magic Mockup” to see your designs on your product

Why you need this Canva Magic Mockup tutorial ↓

If you want your client to see what your design or product will look like in the context of their life. Pay attention to this video. @canva has created a HUGE inventory of mockups that will plot your designs so you can help your customers to imagine how you will make your life better. THEN you can even use this same design to create more promotional graphics. Talk about time-saving!

1. In Canva Homepage, look for “Apps” at the left side.
2. And then, click on “Mockup“.
3. You can now browse and see all categories and subcategories available for mockup.
4. Now, select the mockup template you like.
5. You can choose between photos inside your “Uploads” in Canva, or the “Designs” you have in Canva. 
6. You can adjust the image you added. When done, you can click “Save mockup” and choose between downloading it as png or using it in a design.

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