Use “Paint Roller” now to copy your photo effects easily

The Paint Roller is something that I use A LOT when I need to stack a bunch of effects and then copy them overall at the same time. And yes! You can do it with photos too! You can do this with just about anything in Canva. My favorite ways to use it are for:

👉 Text treatments and effects
👉 Photos and editing
👉 Graphics colors & treatments

Just remember that using Canva without a map for consistency means that while you might be able to create one or two pieces of content and make them look nice, your entire brand may not be cohesive.

To make sure you look pro, you want to make sure you make use of Canva’s Brand Kit and get it all set up.

Bookmark this Canva game changer that will save you a butt load of time.

1. Select the edited photo that you want to copy over.
2. Click the “・・・” and look for the “Paint roller icon.
3. Now, select the photo where you want the effects/format to be applied.

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