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Canva has a fantastic app called Bulk Create. It allows you to create multiple graphics simultaneously, saving you the tedious task of doing them one by one. Imagine ALL your holiday gift tags or holiday cards as quickly as you can create ONE!
Ok, because showing you this requires so many images…I’ve put it on my blog post. So go have a look and save yourself hours of copy and pasting!

Here is how to Bulk Create your gift tags in Canva:

  1. Find “Apps” that is always located on the left side when you’re inside of Canva.
  2. Scroll until you locate “Bulk Create,” then select.

    canva apps bulk create
  3. You will see that you have an option to either enter your data manually or upload a CSV (a spreadsheet). Pick your poison. I’m going to show you how to manually add.

    enter data manually in canva bulk create
  4. If you choose to manually add your data, go ahead and type it into the appropriate column. Each column is associated with each piece of data variable you want to created. (ie: first name, last name…etc.)
  5. Click “Done”

    entering data or names manually click done to save
  6. In this design, I’m clicking on “Name” Then you can either right-click or click on the ••• that shows up on the pop-up bar.
  7. Choose “Connect data” in the options.

    connect your data to element by right clicking the element then selecting "connect data"
  8. Connect your data to the appropriate field
  9. Done!

    select the right data then click continue
  10. Confirm that you are generating the desired number of designs based on the number data you added.

    check all data and click "Generate Design"

Here is the result! Multiple designs created with the click of a button.

Bulk Create of Gift Tags Made with Canva Bulk Create

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