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Calvina Nguyen

Calvina Nguyen

Why You Should Care What Others Think

Do you care what people think?

If you’ve been doing a lot of inner work in self-discovery, you might be saying to me, “Calvina, listening to others stifles my authenticity. Haters gonna hate.

I completely agree. But as for your business, you can always do more listening, and you should ABSOLUTELY care about what people think.

This is why I’ve been doing some polls on my Instagram; I’d prefer to call them games. I’ve just started doing them, and they are getting a lot of love because they are soooo much fun! Ya know why? We are all damn curious about ourselves and nosey about others. 

But the REAL reason I want to do this is because it is a fantastic way to study branding and design. And I’m bringing in all the juicing learnings into these emails. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We’ve all heard this quote. It’s true. When we look at something, our reactions and connection to it have a lot to do with our personal tastes, experiences, social & cultural influences, economic backgrounds, and age. 

While this matters very little when making art, it is EVERYTHING in branding and design.


On Monday,

We posted three vibrant colored palettes, we showed them individually, and then people voted. Some voted anonymously in our stories, and most voted in the comment area. 


But wait, were people responding to the colors, or were they responding to the photos? I asked. While not everyone answered this question, 6 people did. 

5 of them said that the photos HIGHLY influenced them. Some may have voted for the photos more than the colors.

1 person told me that she was not swayed. She hated the photos while loving the colors or hated the colors while loving the images. She ultimately chose #3.

I loved hearing it all, because there is no wrong answer. Each brought with them their story and perspective.


What you think is best may not be what people want. You need to keep your ears and eyes open and ask your audience what they think.

I know this, because while this week I voted with the majority, last week I did not. 


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